Trekking on the path of Karians

It is an old historical path with backpack through the stone labyrinth in the Latmos Mauntains. The
summit of Tekerlek Dagi (1.375 m) is climbed with the  guide. It is a walk through history, where
we always find ourselves on the antique paved path. You will wonder at the prehistoric stone
paintings and at the traces of old settlers in Latmos. The other highlights of this time travel are the
byzantine Cloister and the hermit caves and of course the bizarre rocky landscape of the Latmos
Mauntains, in Turkish Beşparmak Dagları. Each wanderer must carry a small daily backpack. The
treckers will spend the nights in small huts and village houses.
1st Day : Arrival
Arrival in  Izmir Airport and transfer to a hotel in Aydın. The information on the trip as follows.

2nd Day : Alinda -Yagcilar Village
A minibus will take you to Karpuzlu Village. The ruins of the Carian city Alinda are above  the village. The city walls, fortification towers, agora,
Aquaducts and a theatre are to be seen. After visiting the city, the  tour trecking starts on the “Carian Path”. In about 3-4 hours on the antique
path we reach to the Yagcılar Village. The accommodation is in a village house.

3rd Day : Yagcilar to Bagarcik Villages
After a rich breakfast, we are again on the antique paths and mountain passages which have been used for thousands of years that lead to the
small village of Bagarcık. We will see the mellow green Pine Forest where patches of land in between are cultivated by the local people. The
accommodation is in a village house.

4th Day : The day on Summit
Climbing up to the throne of  Gods. In this stage we walk through various landscapes, in Pine Forest, on alpine paths and in canyons and in the
last section we arrive at the last part of the path to the summit. The climb from this section to summit is easier without backpacks. The  fantastic 
panorama makes you forget the efforts you give. After having snacks and sandwiches the path goes back to lodgings in Bagarcik.

5th Day : On the track of Stylites (Pillar-saints)
After a two hour climb, we reach “Yuva Tepe” passing by a run-down temple and the ruins of a castle. The altitude is about 900 m. After having
a view of Bafa lake we walk through a massive forest to the Stylites Cloister. The climb to “the Pentokrator Cave” with frescoes from 9th C,
requires  more careful steps and being a ware of dizzyness. The younger Paulus (the honey) spent 12 years here. The alpine pasture destination
is the “Pınarcık”, We arrive in Pınarcık early afternoon. Here we are the guest of Ms.Hatice  the dairywoman. After  lunch time we walk to the
Karadere Cave in which we see the most famous drawings of the God of Latmos. The dinner and the accomodation are by Hatice.

6th Day : Decsending to Bafa Lake
We walk the wild grown paths in rocky canyons down to the Bafa Lake. We will be accommodated in the  Agora Pansion where the antique city
of Heraklia was founded, today it  is named  Kapikiri village

7th Day : City Walls and Village tour
To allow us the first orientation in the village, we take a leisure tour where we will come across the city walls of Heraklia soon and we follow the
wall up to the last watch towers. There we will have  lunch with a  marvellous panaroma over Bafa Lake. Following the walls will bring us back
to latmos, to our pansion. In the evening you will be the guests of Agora Pansion for a delicious dinner with pouring Raki.
(*)  Raki : Traditiona Turkish Alcohol Beverege

8th Day : Departure
Transfer to the Airport for departure
Kapikiri Village Milas 48234, Turkey TEL : 0(252) 543 54 45
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