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The story of Latmos Travel’s tourism adventure began with the founding of the “Agora Pansiyon” in the
small historic lakeside village of Kapikiri (Heraclia) in 1987. Heraclia welcomed its first modern tourists back
in 1764 when the renowned English antiquarian, Richard Chandler, stayed a number of nights on his two
year journey through Asia Minor and Greece to catalogue ancient monuments and sites. (Travels in Asia
Minor; R.Chandler, 1764). Some of the ancestors of today’s residents of Kapikiri even met that long ago
Kapikiri (ancient Heraclia) is located on the shores of Lake Bafa, formerly an ancient port trading as far
afield as Egypt until the Latmos Gulf was cut off from the sea by the Meander River (Herodotus’s “worker”)
in Roman times forming Lake Bafa, which remains salt water to this day. Kapikiri is located close to the
well-known Turkish tourism centres of Bodrum (90 minutes) and Kusadasi (90 minutes) with particularly
easy access from Bodrum international Airport for international travelers. We at Latmos Travel look forward
to extending our trade-mark warm hospitality and personalized service to new visitors.
The Agora Pansiyon has been enthusiastically welcoming customers from all over the world in a warm,
personal and friendly atmosphere for over twenty five years. From the core activity of operating a boutique
pension, we have expanded to offer our guests other tourism opportunities such as archaeological and
cultural sight-seeing, botanical and bird-watching tours and one to two day trekking experiences up into the
Latmos mountains.
These same mountains being the setting for the ancient myth of the Legend of Endymion as immortalized
by writers and poets, ancient and modern, from Sapho through Cicero to Keats, and even Poussin’s 1630
painting Selene & Endymion which belonged to Napoleon Bonapart’s uncle.
We look forward to welcoming you to the area, as we have done for centuries.

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